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We're Changing What It Means To "Deal With It"

Postpartum recovery. Period cramps. 'Endo' pain. Vulva care. Dealing with these things used to mean "just get by... suffer through," but not anymore. At Nyssa, we're committed to bringing women solutions to simply, practically, and comfortably care for themselves and one another— making "deal with it" our shared commitment to empowering better women's health and wellbeing.

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A Couple of Our Best-Sellers to Soothe As You Move

FourthWear Postpartum Recovery Underwear
FourthWear Postpartum Recovery Underwear A Fourth Trimester essential— supersoft, belly hugging underwear with our patented pocket design to securely hold ice or heat therapy between the legs and over the lower abdomen where postpartum recovering bodies need it most. Available in 7 figure-adaptive sizes. from $39
VieWear Period Comfort Underwear
VieWear Period Comfort Underwear The first period underwear designed to conquer cramps, bloating, and the period "blahs"— BCI cotton-lined underwear equipped with a sleek interior pocket to discreetly hold heat therapy against the lower abdomen where period or endometriosis discomfort originate. Available in Teen and Adult sizes. from $39
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It's everything about this transformational time that we wish we had known. For most, postpartum isn’t a breeze. There are leaks, bleeding, pain, and emotional upheaval, coupled with the emergence of many new ferocious instincts. It’s common to find this time immensely challenging. We believe having insight into the realities of the lesser-talked about aspects of postpartum can be a huge help towards preparing to care for yourself and your new baby.

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