Need to Know: Afghan Women in Peril; US Needs Better Sex Ed; Mothers vs. the American Workforce

In Nyssa's weekly 'Need to Know' series, we recap the three most important stories related to reproductive health, sex education, and bodily autonomy.

Afghan women made major advances in the last 20 years. Relief efforts are desperate to make sure they’re not left behind., The Lily

The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan leaves women in a perilous position. The Taliban will rule by Sharia law, though they commit to modernizing its practices, and many fear the implementation of previous rules like forcing women to be fully covered in burqas, beating women who appear in public unaccompanied, and not allowing girls to attend school. The US, EU, and 20 other nations are calling for the protection of Afghan women and girls.

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Birds and the Bees: The Need for Sex Ed Curriculum Updates, Ms. Magazine

Kelley Dennings, a family planning counselor, delivers a poignant call to action to standardize and update sex education curriculums across the country. After digging through old papers during the pandemic, Dennings uncovered a page from her middle school sex ed program. After digging deeper into her state’s current guidelines, she learned the curriculum hasn’t had a large-scale update since its enactment in 1986.

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American motherhood vs. the American work ethic, Vox

As we all know too well, COVID-19 has laid bare the stress mothers and parents have trying to balance childcare and work. Recode spoke with women bearing the brunt of this challenge and experts to evaluate where the fault lines started and what structural change may be coming; President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, passed in March, allocated $40 billion to revive the lagging childcare industry. 

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