Nyssa's Top Tips for Postpartum Recovery

A successful Fourth Trimester is ALL about preparation. Here, the Nyssa team shares a few of our top recommendations for getting ready to feel supported as you begin healing from birth. 

Nyssa's FourthWear Deluxe Kit for a Cause to replace flimsy hospital mesh underwear

Our ultimate gift for postpartum recovery includes:

1 pair of Nyssa’s revolutionary FourthWear postpartum underwear– the only design of its kind that enables you to insert an ice/heat pack directly into the garment to help with pain relief after vaginal or caesarean delivery. And what’s best, the super-stretchy material is designed to change with your body as you recover, with the option to pull it up to the navel or fold down under your belly.

1 FourthCare Ice/Heat Pack to support perineal or cesarean incision recovery.

1 FourthWear Bralette made from the same super supple, soft, stretchy material as the FourthWear under - the bralette is made for ultimate comfort during the Fourth Trimester and beyond, with a front pocket for ice/heat packs.

2 FourthCare Ice/Heat Packs for the breasts/chest, designed to help with engorgement discomfort and more.

For every deluxe kit purchased, Nyssa donates $6 to Every Mother Counts providing greater access to perinatal and postpartum care.

MyNestWell to find your village

Whether you’re starting a family (or just starting to think about it), pregnant, holding your newborn or down-deep in the parent life for awhile now, My Nest Well provides personalized resources and access to support and providers you may have never known are out there. Take the quiz now and find out how My Nest Well can help you fill the gaps in your support system!

Coddle's Perineal Balm to help heal swollen tissue and hemorrhoids

Unless you’re a unicorn, most of us face a triple whammy of vaginal soreness, tears and hemorrhoids after giving birth– studies show up to 92.7% of us in the Fourth Trimester and 25% up to 6 months later. Coddle is a Black and woman-owned company that has formulated the perfect small-batch, organic and plant-based Perineal Balm to soothe and cool– with peppermint and witch hazel– and can even be applied to C-Section incisions. Pop it in the fridge for extra-calming comfort. Made in the USA. 

Book a Lactation Consultant In Advance to be ready for your feeding journey

If you’re planning to breastfeed, studies show a lactation consultant has huge benefits for both parent and baby. Think about booking your lactation consultant while you’re still expecting. This will give you a chance to get to know your lactation consultant and you won’t be scrambling to find a good fit while recovering and juggling your baby’s needs. Ask your friends, doctor or midwife for their recommendation or use The International Lactation Consultant Association’s website and type in your zip code for a local list of certified consultants. Most lactation consultants are open to providing support via video chat if you’re more comfortable, but do know that birthworkers follow a strict protocol during Covid in order to provide their clients with safe care. New services like Boober and Nest Collaborative have arrived to meet the demand of virtual care and classes, too!

Treat Yourself to a Postpartum Chef 

Postpartum chefs provide nourishing meals to new families, taking over a task that was once carried out by combined efforts of many in a community. Modern societal shifts, and especially during due to the pandemic, have left moms and birthing parents without the continuous support needed to heal and provide care to the newborn. Postpartum chefs specialize in nutrient dense meals to promote the body’s recovery and will work with a client on a menu tailored to preferred foods and dietary restrictions. Postpartum chefs are trained in the safe food safety programs as restaurant chefs and a healthy option than racking up your Caviar or Seamless bill.

If a postpartum chef is out of your budget, how about appointing the duty to your bestie or favorite aunt who’d love to be at your beck and call but can’t due to Covid concerns? Have them making healthy, healing meals to freeze and you’ll have plenty of nourishing meals on hand when you need them. A great resource for postpartum recipes is the best selling ‘The First Forty Days’ by Heng Ou and postpartum doula and chef Marisa Mendez Marthaller (recently featured on Nyssa’s Journal) recommends her favorite ‘From Mother’s to Mothers: A Collection of Traditional Asian Postpartum Recipes.’

Ebi’s The Tisane Postpartum Tea to relax and revive
Inspired by herbal drinks served to new mothers in many world cultures, Ebi's Tisane is a thoughtful blend of herbs selected to the unique needs of mothers during postpartum. Nettle leaf, raspberry leaf, chamomile, milky oat tops and rose hip help support healthy milk production, soothe the nervous system and provide a myriad of vitamins and minerals to stave off fatigue and general depletion. Ebi is named after the Yoruba word ‘Family’ and is a Black-founded and Mother-owned brand.

Postnatal Pilates Classes to regain your strength

A subscription to Pilates Anytime for on-demand Post-Natal Pilates Classes or support your favorite local studio by purchasing livestream classes until you can safely return.page2image20092544

According to Logan Square Pilates, local studio to Nyssa founders, postnatal practice ‘can support rebuilding of abdominal strength and stability, heal diastasis recti, improve posture, establish a gravity-eliminated position for mamas who are experiencing pain in standing, prolapse, pubic separation/instability, and create a safe and enjoyable exercise environment.’