VieWear Pelvic Comfort Live-In Leggings

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  • Discreetly holds an ice or heat pack through the inner front pocket.
  • Recommended for use with Nyssa’s VieCare™ Uterine Ice/Heat Pack, which is uniquely contoured to sit over the uterus and ovaries. Sold separately.
  • Soft seam design made from breathable fabric.
  • Approved by OB-GYNs and Pelvic Floor Therapists.

VieWear™ Leggings Size Chart

Pants 0-2 4-6 8-10 12-14 16-18 20-22 24-26
Waist 24"
61 cm
66 cm
71 cm
78 cm
83 cm
91 cm
98 cm

Ever wanted to just live in your favorite pair of leggings?

We know the feeling. That’s why we created VieWear Pelvic Comfort Live-In Leggings. Ideal for those days when you’re living life at home or running errands but want to be wrapped in soft, sleek, comfortable loungewear that’s actually functional. Whether you’re enduring the discomfort of fertility treatments, coming out of postpartum, dealing with period pain, endometriosis flare-ups or generally feeling a bit “blah” below-the-belt, these are the comfort and wellbeing leggings you’ll want to live in.

Nyssa’s VieWear Pelvic Comfort Live-In Leggings are the first eco-friendly leggings specially designed to discreetly hold and ice or heat pack over the uterus and ovaries or between the legs. Use healing heat and cooling comfort to help you get back to feeling your best, faster. C’est la VieWear.

Optimally used with Nyssa’s VieCareTM Uterine Ice/Heat Pack.

Additional Product Features:

  • Inner front pocket design to minimize lines.
  • Go commando with confidence with built-in leak protection.
  • Soft seam for less irritation.
  • Widened guest to hold pads in place.
  • Fast-wicking, eco-friendly fabric keeps you feeling comfortable and dry.
  • Made to withstand 300+ washes.

Materials & Care:

  • Body: 78% Nylon, 22% Spandex
  • Machine wash cold.
  • Imported materials, made in Mexico.