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Where We Interrogate The Unmentionables of Womanhood

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Tearing During Childbirth

Over 90% of first-time mothers who deliver vaginally will experience tearing. Preparing for this— both physically and emotionally— can help.

In this edition, Nyssa Co-Founder, Mia Clarke, tells-all from her delivery of daughter, Neva. She then speaks with OB-GYN Dr. Laura Lauren and midwife Magdalena Watling in 2 separate video interviews to learn more about tearing prevention, treatment, and therapy.

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The Full Scoop, Uncensored

You know that thing that happened to you or that you heard might happen to you, and you type it into Google only to find that no one is talking about it in real, simple, empathetic terms— just obtuse medical speak or with mass-media discretion? Well, we got you. In Body of Knowledge we tell real-life stories from start-to-finish and follow them up with intimate conversations with trusted health experts. It's like a peek behind the curtain of the most honest and impactful OG-GYN or therapy visits.

New Editions Drop Monthly

We take our time developing each edition to unearth the unspoken, curate the facts, and speak to new and relevant experts. Body of Knowledge is not about deadlines, ad sales, or crowding your inbox. It's about empowering you and your fellow readers and listeners with information and insights about the lesser-discussed realities of womanhood. It takes time and we know your time is precious. We'll only drop into your inbox when we have something really robust and helpful to share. Promise.


Navigating The Lightyears

What's really going on with our bodies in our 30s and 40s?

If you're in this age group then you're bound to find yourself nodding your head, chuckling to yourself, and hopefully feeling some relief (to know that you're not alone) as you dive into this edition. Nyssa Co-Founder, Ellen Kellogg, shares her story and makes a case to midlife women to break the habit of ignoring their health and personal needs.

As follow-up, we talk with two midlife health and wellbeing experts: Lorraine Candy of the popular podcast Postcards from Midlife, and urogynecology expert, Dr. Lopa Pandya.

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Breaking The Cycle

No really— what's up with your period?

Nyssa Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Body of Knowledge, Mia Clarke, talks to Nicole Jardim, a certified Women's Health Coach and creator of Fix Your Period, about how to feel more in control of your period and— quite frankly— good about it! It doesn't have to be that unpredictable monthly visit from "Aunt Flow" that we were conditioned to dread in our teens.

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