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Why Postpartum Physical Therapy Is So Important with Pelvic Floor Therapist, Sara Reardon (The Vagina Whisperer!)

September 16, 2019

Nyssa's Mia Clarke speaks to pelvic floor expert Sara Reardon about why physical therapy should be part of every birthing parent's recovery plan: what we don't know, what we should educate ourselves about, and why paying attention to our pelvic floor after birth matters so much. Sara's well known for sharing her work on Instagram as The Vagina Whisperer and happily digs right in to everything from postpartum peeing, pooping, sex and more.

Postpartum Care: A Pediatrician's Perspective with Dr. Rupa Mahadevan

August 30, 2019

Nyssa's Mia Clarke speaks to Integrative Pediatrician Dr. Rupa Mahadevan about the higher standard of care she wants to see regarding postpartum depression screenings, how parents' mental health can affect their infant, and what parents can do to take care of themselves alongside baby. 

You can read more about Rupa's family-friendly Kidchen Doc recipes on her Instagram and her website

Birth & Postpartum: The Trans Experience with Parent and Activist Trystan Angel Reese

July 30, 2019

Nyssa's Mia Clarke speaks to Trystan Angel Reese about his pregnancy and postpartum recovery experience, the dynamics of allyship, and how best to support transgender families through pregnancy and the Fourth Trimester.

You can read more about Trystan's work here and follow him on Instagram here

Returning to Work after Baby with Fifth Trimester Author/Founder Lauren Smith Brody

July 11, 2019

Nyssa's Mia Clarke speaks to author and founder of the Fifth Trimester movement, Lauren Smith Brody, about preparing to return to work after giving birth, the 'Motherhood Penalty' (the measurable impact of motherhood on earnings and professional status), how to advocate for yourself in the workplace and much more. 

You can read more about Lauren's work here and follow her on Instagram here

Economist and Author Emily Oster

June 18, 2019

Brown economist Emily Oster's new book, Cribsheet, is a thinking parent's guide to the chaos and frequent misinformation of the early years. A trained expert—and mom of two—Emily uses the science of decision-making to empower parents to make better, less fraught decisions—and stay sane in the years before preschool. She talks to Nyssa about debunking myths and unpacking research around breastfeeding, postpartum depression, vaginal tearing...and the real reason new mothers are advised to have a six-week postpartum check-up.

You can read more about Emily Oster's work here and follow her on Twitter here.

Musician Angela James

May 27, 2019

In the fog of postpartum depression, Chicago-based musician Angela James began humming melodies while trying to get her infant daughter to sleep. These melodies guided Angela back to her creative practice as a songwriter after a difficult and exhausting period as a new parent. She speaks to Nyssa about how she was finally able to create meaning beautiful out of those dark times and how she continues to maintain her creative practice with a toddler.

You can find out more about Angela's music here and here.

Katy Collins of Birthways Inc and The Doula Is In

A​pril 27, 2019

Most mothers-to-be spend their time and resources preparing for the birth of their baby— but new mothers are so often unaware of the potential realities awaiting during the Fourth Trimester.

Postpartum Doula Katy Collins of Birthways speaks with Nyssa's Mia Clarke regarding her work in the postpartum sphere, including current momentum surrounding the cultural awareness of the postpartum reality, postpartum parties during Colonial times, loss, and art in the context of transformation and transition.

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Recorded at Strange Magic in Chicago, IL

'Enter Laughing' used with permission from Electrelane

Produced by Robert Haynes and Tony Lazzara