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Revolutionary underwear designed to address the powerful physical changes women experience during the course of life. Created with input from OB-GYNs and Pelvic Floor Therapists, VieWear™ gives you the additional comfort you need when experiencing:

  • Period cramps

  • Endometriosis flare-ups

  • Pelvic or abdominal surgery

  • Fertility treatments

  • IUD insertion or removal

VieWear™ features proprietary pocket openings in the front and back to enable easy insertion of an ice/heat pack directly into the garment for soothing relief whenever you need a little more comfort and care. Take control of your recovery and get back to feeling better. C'est la VieWear!

The front interior opening allows for the insertion and placement of an ice/pack (up to 5" wide) anywhere within the garment, depending on your pain relief needs. Place over the abdominal area and hips, or slide down into vaginal/perineal area. 

The back interior opening makes it easy for you to place an ice/heat pack over your lower back, which is particularly helpful when experiencing period cramping or endometriosis symptoms.

VieCare™ Ice/Heat Pack is coming soon! Please feel free to use any standard ice pack, or our FourthWear Ice/Heat Pack.


Nyssa's sizing is based on standard maternity sizing. If you wear a Medium in your maternity pants, we recommend you purchase a S/M of Fourthwear Underwear.

If you're between sizes (you sometimes wear a Medium and sometimes a Large) we recommend going with the smaller of the two sizes as Fourthwear Underwear is supremely stretchy.

VieWear™ Underwear

Pant Size 0-2 4-6 8-10 12-14 16-18 20-22

If your size isn’t represented or you have questions or feedback for the Nyssa team regarding sizing, please contact us at hello@nyssacare.com

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