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Artwork by Eleanor Shakespeare, Collage of Woman

A Letter On Language

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Women’s pain has been historically hushed, written off as an accepted aspect of womanhood.

But the consequence of silence can be devastating. We created our editorial platform, The Loudspeaker, to give voice to our incredible community and network of experts and industry professionals. Because women’s ‘unmentionables’ demand to be heard. Loud and clear.

Naked woman's torso to below hips; the woman is holding a naked infant upside down in roughly birthing position.
Vaginal Tearing in Childbirth with Dr. Laura Laursen, OB-GYN
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Image of naked woman, pale with dark bob looking upward, droplets of blood raining down in front of the figure.
Will the Covid-19 Booster Affect My Menstrual Cycle?
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Author and Nyssa cofouner Mia Clarke, with daughter Neve
My Vagina Ripped Open During Childbirth. Here's What I Wish I'd Known Before It Happened.
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Painting of a woman sitting in a pool with the back of her head turned to the viewer. Another figure stands across from her  surrounded by mist or steam.
What to Expect AFTER You're Expecting (That No One Talks About)
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