Deal With It.

How many times have you said that to yourself through gritted teeth in the throes of period pain, while waddling through postpartum recoveries in surgical undies, or sucking up the physical and psychological upheaval of perimenopause?

Women are born with an extraordinary capacity for transformation built in. It’s in our bones. Our breasts. Our bellies. Our births. The ability to transform pain and disquiet into something powerful is the shared physical and emotional destiny of womankind.

We believe that when women are given the means to care for themselves during times of transformation— and all the ‘unmentionables’ that come along for the ride— we can turn 'deal with it' into something positive, empowering, and enlivening.

We started Nyssa because we were shocked by the lack of solutions available to help us heal after birth. We dealt with it by creating our first item: FourthWear Postpartum Recovery Underwear.

Today we collaborate with OB-GYNs, pelvic floor therapists, doulas, sex educators and women around the world to ensure that our designs deliver real results that help each of us deal with the physical and emotional transformations that we all share, yet experience in entirely unique ways.

And we also talk about it. Because only by talking, listening, and sharing our stories can we know the true depth of our collective, connective resilience, empathy, and possibility.

Nyssa is a movement.

Join Us.
Let's Deal With It.

Taking The Mic

The Loudspeaker is where we share first-hand stories, expert interviews, and reliable resources to help educate our community about the lesser known realities of women's health and wellbeing. This platform includes articles, videos, and links to Season 1 & 2 of our podcast.

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Passing The Mic

Unmentionables Out Loud is a monthly e-series centered around our mission to break the silence surrounding taboo topics. We'll share the real and raw experiences of our readers and sought-after contributors— all to open our minds and hearts and collectively build empathy.

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The Founders

Birth is beautiful — but it can also be brutal on the body.

We started Nyssa in 2019 after being let down by the lack of effective products and real, honest conversations to guide us through our postpartum recoveries. Since then, we’ve expanded our efforts to support women and people with vulvas through other transformative times of life. From starting one’s menstrual cycle to preparing for an OB-GYN visit, our wear therapy and care items are specially designed to deliver unparalleled ease and comfort.

Our tiny but mighty team is 100% female and we are committed to maintaining diversity across age, race and culture. As a strong collective of innovators, storytellers, advocates, and problem-solvers, we believe that the dual power of empathetic design and extraordinary dialogue will reshape and redefine the landscape of women’s health and wellbeing– for good.

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