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Super soft, belly hugging underwear with our patented dual-layer, 360° pocket design to securely hold ice or heat therapy between the legs, at the site of caesarean incision, and around the back where postpartum recovering bodies need it most. Smooth and seamless in all the right places. Designed in collaboration with our Innovation Advisory Board of women's wellbeing professionals including OB-GYNs, Doulas, Midwives, and Pelvic Floor Therapists.

FSA/HSA eligible and a Professionally Referred Product.
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NOTICE: Due to recent high demand this item is selling out fast! Please allow 2 weeks from your date of purchase for delivery.

Color Jet Black
Jet Black
Set Count
What's Included
  • 1ct and 3ct include underwear only.
  • Underwear + Ice/Heat Pack includes 1 pair of underwear and 1 Between Legs Reusable Ice/Heat Pack.
Composition + Care
  • 85% Recycled Polyester, 15% Spandex.
  • Machine wash cold.
  • Made in Mexico from imported materials.

Due to recent high demand this item is selling out fast! Please allow 2 weeks from your date of purchase for delivery.

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Model in Nyssa FourthWear Postpartum bralette & underwear
Model folding Nyssa FourthWear Underwear down over ice - heat pack.
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Nyssa FourthWear Postpartum Underwear with Ice/Heat Pack
FourthWear Underwear
  • Securely holds an ice or heat pack anywhere in the garment through our patented 360° pocket design.
  • Recommended for use with our uniquely contoured Between Legs and Uterine Reusable Ice/Heat Packs to support healing and provide relief EVERYWHERE.
  • Made with 4-way stretch, eco-friendly fabric that comfortably conforms to changing postpartum figures and holds ice/heat packs in place.
  • Has a seamless ultra-high waist that can be worn over or under a pregnant or postpartum belly.
  • Full-coverage seat to hold pads in place and never ride up.
  • Designed with an Innovation Advisory Board of women's wellbeing professionals, including OB-GYNs, Doulas, Midwives, and Pelvic Floor Therapists.
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“Nyssa is facilitating a maternal health revolution”

Woman wearing FourthWear Postpartum Bralette & Underwear while holding baby.
Why We Love It

It's a revolution in postpartum comfort and care.

When we started Nyssa, one of the first things we wanted to tackle was the flimsy, low-functioning mesh underwear given out in hospitals. Sure, they’re free. But try wrangling a newborn while you’re wearing surgical undies that hang down to your knees under the weight of giant pads and ice packs. People who give birth deserve better. That’s why our first innovation had to be FourthWear, the world’s first luxuriously soft, eco-friendly, 4-way stretch underwear specially designed to hold an ice or heat pack in the vulva/perineal area, at the site of a caesarean incision, and everywhere else birthing people need it.

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Support all births and all of birth's aches and pains.

FourthWear's 360° pocket allows ice/heat therapy to be positioned between the legs for vaginal recovery and perineal swelling as well as over the lower abdomen at the site of caesarean incision. It's one of the most versatile comfort and recovery undergarments on the planet.

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Is FourthWear Underwear for caesarean or vaginal birth recoveries?
We often don’t know exactly how our birth journey will shape up, no matter what our plans are. FourthWear Postpartum Recovery Underwear is designed specifically to provide ultimate comfort for both c-section and vaginal birth recoveries.

For vaginal recoveries, FourthWear provides a widened gusset to accommodate large postpartum pads and a comfortable high waist that can be folded down to meet the needs of changing bodies. An ice/heat pack (one of Nyssa’s specially contoured packs or one of your own) can be inserted inside the garment and placed between the legs to soothe vaginal and perineal pain, swelling, or sutures. Another pack may be placed over the abdomen or in the back to ease pain related to postpartum cramping and any other discomfort that stems from delivery.

For c-section recoveries, FourthWear provides the same functionality along with a smooth, soft fabric over the incision area. Ice/heat packs may be placed over the site of an incision to help reduce pain and discomfort and to facilitate healing of the incision area.
Is FourthWear Underwear absorbent?
Postpartum bleeding can be particularly heavy and can include discharge from the uterus, called lochia. FourthWear Underwear is not designed to be absorbent (like period underwear) but is intended to be worn with a postpartum/maternity pad (check out our Organic Cotton Extra-Long Postpartum Pads!). They are, however, leak-resistant to reduce any staining or overflow from postpartum bleeding.
Which size of FourthWear Underwear is right for me?
Figuring out the right size for your changing body might seem a daunting task. We make FourthWear Underwear with super soft, incredibly stretchy fabric that flexes and adapts to your changing figure to make it a bit easier. Whichever size you wear in maternity clothing can translate to the perfect underwear size. We recommend choosing the smaller size if you are in-between sizes. For example, if you wear a large in maternity clothing, we recommend purchasing the M/L, whereas if your maternity size is XL, then our L/XL would likely be the better fit.
Importantly, the seamless high-waist can be rolled down to maintain a tighter fit as your body changes after giving birth.

Everybody’s body is different. We all gain and lose weight throughout the birth and recovery process at different rates. For the majority of people, weight gain and loss will happen mostly in the belly region and along the hips. FourthWear Underwear is designed to change with your body; however, if a significant amount of weight is gained or lost (+80lbs), you may need to purchase an additional size.
How long should I expect to use FourthWear Underwear after giving birth?
FourthWear Underwear can be used throughout your Fourth Trimester and beyond. We specifically designed it to provide comfort and care as you continue to heal. Many people also wear it during the Third Trimester for comfort and to apply ice and heat in a variety of places (back or vulva, most commonly) to provide relief from painful pregnancy symptoms, including lower back pain, vaginal sensitivity, and cramping associated with Braxton Hicks.
Unlike other postpartum underwear, FourthWear Underwear is designed to be reusable and will last long into your postpartum recovery period and beyond.
How do I care for my FourthWear Underwear?
FourthWear Underwear can be machine washed and dried. To keep them in tip-top condition, we recommend washing on a delicate cycle with cold water and drying with low heat.

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FourthWear Underwear FourthWear Bralette
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If you're choosing between sizes, we recommend sizing DOWN for our Postpartum Recovery Underwear. The fabric is very stretchy and adaptive.

XXS/XS 24-26 00-2
XS/S 28-30 2-4
S/M 32-34 4-6
M/L 36-38 6-8
L/XL 38-42 8-12
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Our Postpartum Bralette fits true to size.

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