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You're going to need this underwear more than that wipes warmer.

Trust Us.

Back in 2018

When we were developing FourthWear Underwear...

The idea of postpartum underwear barely existed. Stores and registries were awash in products for the new baby and to help parents soothe, feed, bathe, dress, pamper, show-off, (you name it) their little bundle of joy, but products for new moms to care for themselves consisted of some hospital freebies, lanolin cream, and a printed 1-pager on how to make homemade "padcicles." Shocking, right?

We spent over a year developing and perfecting our FourthWear Postpartum Recovery Underwear—primarily because we had so much ground to cover. The only real innovation in the space in the past 100 years was to develop a tighter weave mesh.

Then and Now Postpartum Underwear

In an era in which we figured out how to dress a man to walk with pride on the moon... we failed to figure out how to dress a woman to walk with dignity into motherhood.

Until now

We deserve better. Finally, FourthWear.

FourthWear vs. Mesh Comparison Chart

FourthWear is everything disposable mesh is not... and more.


FourthWear supports recovery from both vaginal and caesarean delivery and everything else that happens in the Third and Fourth Trimesters.

Hemorrhoids, back pain, tailbone pressure— we got you. FourthWear's patented 360-pocket design allows ice or heat therapy to rest safely and securely between 2 layers of fabric in the perineal region, lower abdomen, seat and lower back. 

Fourthwear usage chart with Between Legs and Uterine Ice/Heat Packs

FourthWear has been called "Genius" "Game-changing" and "Revolutionary." We just think it's necessary.

Take it from these moms:

Stef T. (verified buyer)

"Bring on the healing— these underwear are amazing! How they feel after delivering a baby is so comfortable and make you feel more like yourself again."

Molly B. (Verified Buyer)

"The absolute best postpartum recovery underwear. After buying from multiple brands, this is the one. They are incredibly soft, stretchy, and exactly what I wanted to wear post-birth."

Felicia K. (Verified Buyer)

"Extremely comfortable and did not irritate my incision/staples; helped control my tummy too and made moving after a c-section easier."

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