We didn't invent our period underwear to give you another option for flow.

VieWear Conquers Cramps & Bloating.

Every Woman is Different

The only consistency in how women experience their period is inconsistency.

Talk to 5 different menstruating people and you're bound to hear 5 different period experiences and routines.

"I get raging cramps on days 2 and 3 of my period when my flow is heaviest— I just want to curl up in bed all day."

"My period isn't very heavy, but the bloating bothers me— nothing fits or feels right."

"I never know what my period is going to be like— sometimes it's pretty mild and other times I'm down for the count."

"I don't like to feel my flow, so I mostly use tampons. I don't mind my period, but the days beforehand are brutal."

"I always know when I'm about to get my period because this wave of discomfort comes over me— I'm moody, nauseous, and my jeans feel tight— it's just a general 'ugh' feeling."

Heavy or light, mild or raging, predictable or not— our periods can be a lot to deal with every single month.

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A little heat relief, please!

VieWear Period Comfort Underwear is the only period underwear designed with a sleek interior pocket to hold soothing heat to your lower abdomen all day or night.

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We designed VieWear for comfort— period.

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More On VieWear

It's not your average period underwear.

For some of us, comfort is feeling your flow (using a pad or free-bleeding). And for some of us, it's NOT feeling your flow (using a tampon or cup). We say, "Stick with your favorite flow routine!" and get even more comfortable with VieWear. It's the only underwear designed to deliver on-the-go hidden heat relief and all the gentle security of a 100% organic cotton lining to holds pads in place and capture the occasional overflow.

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