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Need To Know | December 10, 2021

The Power of No; States Prepare for Post-Roe; New Study on Endometriosis

In Nyssa's weekly 'Need to Know' series, we recap the three most important stories related to reproductive health, sex education, and bodily autonomy.

Women and the Liberating Power of No, The Atlantic

In a story for The Atlantic, writer and editor Anna Holmes delivers a call to arms for the power of saying no through an article that illuminates the different ways women do and do not say no, how those nos are perceived, and whether or not they're respected.

From the workplace to our personal lives, and even in situations of violence like sexual abuse, Holmes walks us through powerful examples of how our nos exist once they leave our lips if they do at all.

By embracing role models like Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles who’ve prioritized their wellbeing and inviting friends to share their stories, she reveals the complicated nature of our relationship to no and paints a picture of what the world could look like if we changed it.

Abortion bans and sanctuary plans: States are preparing for a future without Roe v Wade, Washington Post

States across the country are racing to determine how to either outlaw or protect abortion access in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision not to step in and block Texas’ SB8.

In California, pro-choice organizations with legislators are working to realize its reproductive freedom—specifically, how they can support reproductive access to millions of abortion-seeking people coming to their states from theirs, where abortion may be illegal or inaccessible.

In this article, journalists Hannah Knowles and María Luisa Paúl review what actions states are taking before next summer when the fate of Roe will be decided.

90% Of People With Endometriosis Report Not Being Believed by Doctors and Family, Verywell Health

A new study by The Alliance for Endometriosis shows 90% of respondents report being disbelieved, dismissed, or ignored. Endometriosis is a common and painful condition that occurs when tissues similar to the type that grows in the uterus grow in other places, like the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Of the 1,500+ survey respondents, over 60% said their family and friends told them their symptoms are a “normal part of being a woman,” and more than 40% were told their symptoms were normal by healthcare professionals. In this opinion piece, journalist ​​Rachel Charlton-Dailey reviews the study’s findings and lays out what can be done to improve the outcomes.

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