VieVision™ Between Legs Self-Check Mirror

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  • Features an LED light for extra clear viewing
  • Approved by OB-GYNS and Pelvic Floor Therapists
  • OB-GYN-recommended checklist included with an anatomical illustration of the vulva and vagina by artist Mari Andrew
  • Can be used while sitting down or standing up
  • Self-standing design
  • Made in the USA

    Get to know your vulva in a whole new light.

    Meet the original hands-free mirror that makes it easy to get up close and personal. Uniquely designed to be held between the thighs in a seated or standing position, VieVision features an LED light to offer a clear and unrestricted view of your vulva and vagina for thorough and easy self-check and personal care. VieVision is encouraged for routine wellbeing checks, self-grooming, or to guide the insertion of a tampon, cup or contraceptive device.

      Materials & Care:

      • Hand wipe
      • Requires 3 AAA batteries (included)