Nyssa Fourthwear™ Underwear | Revolutionary Postpartum Underwear

Patent-pending postpartum comfort underwear, specially designed to hold ice and/or heat packs. Perfect for your Fourth Trimester and beyond!

Fit Guide

Revolutionary postpartum underwear for comfort following vaginal and cesarean births. Fourthwear™ Underwear is super stretchy and accommodates a heat or ice pack in the vaginal/perineal area or at the site of an incision. Fourthwear™ Underwear is made to change with your body and can be folded down or pulled up over the navel. Ditch the mesh and take control of your postpartum recovery.

Models' sizes: Jeanine is 5'6", 163 lbs and wearing size S/M; Andrea is 5'8", 190 lbs, wearing L/XL; Veronica is 5'3", 140 lbs, wearing size S/M; Laura is 5'3", 110 lbs, wearing XXS/S

 Please note that we cannot mix sizes on the three packs.

When we started Nyssa, one of the first things we wanted to tackle was the flimsy, low-functioning mesh underwear they give out in hospitals. Sure, they’re free. But try wrangling a newborn in underwear pulled down to your knees by giant pads and ice packs that are falling out. It. Sucks.

Nyssa’s Fourthwear™ Underwear offers an empathetically designed and aesthetically pleasing solution to below-the-belt recovery, whether you’ve had a vaginal or caesarean birth. Say "bye-bye, mesh undies!"


Nyssa’s Fourthwear™ Underwear is made in Chicago from fabric crafted with 85% post-consumer recyclables.

Super stretchy, virtually seamless fabric accommodates changing bodies and provides comfort during a time of heightened sensitivity.

Front opening allows for insertion and placement of an ice/heat pack (any brand, up to 6" wide) over the vaginal/perineal area or a cesarean incision site.

Widened gusset keeps oversized maternity pads in place.

Fold the top up or down to suit preference.

Waterproof lining and child-proof closure.

Features a specially commissioned illustration by London-based artist Kit Agar.

Purposefully opaque: use your Nyssa pouch as a diaper bag, to stash bibs, or as a place to store your Fourthwear™ Underwear in-between washes.


If your size isn’t represented or you have questions or feedback for the Nyssa team regarding sizing, please contact us at hello@nyssacare.com