Preparing for Postpartum?

Join us for an accessible live (virtual) education event on September 30th designed to help educate women about their anatomy and openly speak about the lesser-known, hushed realities of what naturally occurs following delivery. Featuring experts in the field, this session will allow for a live Q & A to best help you prep for life after delivery.

Together, let’s raise awareness and seed a ‘new normal’ for dialogue and personal action towards elevating women’s health and wellbeing.

A Deeper Look at Pregnancy, Child Birth & Postpartum

Thursday 9/30 4p CT / 5p ET (Virtual)

This session covers everything your mama and that birthing class didn’t tell—or show!—you. (Don’t worry, it’s not a horror show, but it’s definitely a bit astounding.) We’ll go deep into what happens anatomically and physiologically in the 9 months leading-up to childbirth and the 9-12 months afterwards. What are some ways to prepare your body for childbirth and how can you help it recover? We’ll talk natural and aided fertility methods, cesarean and vaginal delivery, and some common pre/postpartum conditions.

Meet the Experts

The Vagina Coach, Kim Vopni

For over 15 years, Kim has been working with women and pelvic health specialists around the world to help women keep pelvic health top of mind. She’s combined everything she’s learned from her own pregnancies and births (and now perimenopause) and coupled it with all she’s learned in the last decade of helping women and creating online pelvic floor exercise programs as well as online coaching for women in pregnancy, motherhood, and menopause.

Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner, Veronica Rottman

Practicing healing arts for 11+ years, Veronica's expertise is in all things womb-related. She is a birth worker, holistic pelvic care practitioner, yoga teacher with a specialty in prenatal and postnatal yoga, and reiki practitioner.

She offers private sessions, immersions and classes centered around womb-healing, pelvic mapping, menstrual wellness, prenatal/postnatal yoga as well as doula support. Her work is centered around the body and its inherent capacity for healing and balance.